Shop More Earn More.

As you already know, Clipper finds the best coupons and applies them automatically to your shopping cart. But did you know that you can earn while shopping from Clipper? Yes, you can earn Clipper coins depending on where and how much you shop. You can redeem those clipper coins as real cash or use them for further discounts on more shopping. This is the best thing that will ever happen to all the shopaholics to shop and earn simultaneously.

How Clipper Coins Work?

1. Create Account

Create a free account by signing up and getting a personal dashboard to track how many clipper coins you have earned.

2. Shop And Earn

The more you shop, the more you earn. Therefore, on all your purchases, you will earn clipper coins which will keep adding to your clipper wallet.

3. Redeem Your Clipper Coins

You can redeem your collected clipper coins as real cash or more discounts on different stores while shopping.

The Best Place For Earning Rewards

We are here to make online shopping special and exciting for our customers. Not only do we provide automated coupon searches and apply them to your cart, but we also give you rewards on your purchases. Via clipper coins, you can earn more money even while shopping.

1Different Stores, Different Rewards

You can shop from any possible store, and we will help you save money. Hence, keep shopping and earning clipper coins on your eligible purchases from different shops. However, the number of clipper coins gained differs with each store depending on how much you shop.

1More Coins, More Dollars

You can also redeem your Clipper coins as real cash. You can track your clipper coins on your dashboard every time you shop. Every 1000 clipper coins are worth $1. Therefore, the more coins you collect, the more dollars you get. You can withdraw your cash anytime you want.

3More Coins, More Discounts

When you collect clipper coins, there’s no restriction on how you use them. Therefore, you can use your earned coins on further shopping and get more discounts to save money. However, every store will have a different discount redemption amount for a different number of coins.

4Occassional Clipper Coin Bouns

Once you start collecting clipper coins, Your clipper coins pile up faster than you know. Therefore, you keep shopping, and your clipper coins keep increasing in numbers. However, keep an eye on occasional bonuses you might get through Clipper. You never know when you might get free clipper coins.

Top Stores Means Bigger Deals

Clipper looks out and applies money-saving coupon codes on more than 30,000 stores worldwide. Hence, it works in a way that you don’t have to do anything other than shop. Apart from that, while you’re shopping, it increases the number of clipper coins on your dashboard. You can keep an eye on how many coins you have earned on your dashboard and redeem them however you like later. Therefore, keep in mind that the bigger the store, the bigger the deal and the bigger the number of clipper coins.

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